Panic among Kenya’s gays after PM’s arrest threat

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An official with Kenya’s largest gay rights organization said Monday there is panic among its members following remarks made by Kenya’s prime minister that homosexuals should be arrested.

The office of the Gay and Lesbian Coalition of Kenya received calls from concerned members, some of whom are HIV-positive and fear they will be arrested when they collect life-prolonging medicine from government clinics, board member Nguru Karugu said. (AP)

Prime Minister

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3 Responses to "Panic among Kenya’s gays after PM’s arrest threat"

  1. Christian says:

    I hope the PM was just making a populist statement. I abhor this sexual orientation but that same constitution we voted for left a Grey area thus i was no voter among other things.. But i really wonder where those doctors come off refusing to treat these brothers & sisters. the oath they take , does it excuse them from treating them? As for the chaps, why must you tell the doctor about your orientation? what does a severe illness have to do with your downstairs especially the gals? Sending them to jail gives them a larger playing field from what i understand goes on in jail. I think the church has not been active in getting these guys to exit their gay behavior. I don’t think its inborn and i cannot accept that because i doubt God can give you a tendency that will lend you in hell – Sodom & Gomorrah – the guys were tired of normal sex that’s why they wanted to sodomize the angels. Believers step up your game & have exit classes for all manner of vices that we are practicing . Doctors think twice a sick person is a sick person not gay or heterosexual.. Church, lets wake up & smell the coffee. these guys need a change from God!

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