Eugene Sheds Tears Over State of Teso Hospita

SABOTI MP Eugene Wamalwa shed tears at the weekend when he came face to face with the pathetic situation at the maternity wing of a Teso North hospital.

Eugene found women queuing for the only bed in Angurai Health Centre used for delivery. The MP could not but shed tears at the grim reality at the health institution in Amagoro constituency. “Imagine queuing for a basic service of delivery?” Eugene said. “The two principals have surely let Kenyans down and they should own up for the lip service offered at the country’s health institutions.”

Area MP Sospeter Ojaamong was not present but his deputy in the Orange Democratic Movement, Peter Ipara was with Eugene. Others present were Councillor Charles Odera and parliamentary aspirants Emman Ekirapa and Fred Papa.

Eugene promised to prevail upon Fred Papa. He asked minister Beth Mugo to accompany him to the institution to see for herself the shame that is the facility.

The MP also complained of the failure by the government to provide essential services like water and electricity at the health centre. This, he said, has subjected women and children to intolerable suffering.

Patients complained of drugs shortage with patients being forced to pay for even services that are supposed to be free like malaria treatment for children less than five years.The delivery and laboratory charges are exaggerated, the patients said. They also complained of laxity among the hospital staff saying nurses and clinical officers report for duty at 9am signing off at 3pm.

Eugene also accused police in Western Kenya of harassing innocent Kenyans especially busaa and chang’aa drinkers. “In Uganda, citizens take busaa, a traditional brew and waragi (chang’aa) without intimidation contrary to the Kenyan situation where wananchi part with at least Sh5,000 bribe. “It is no wonder most police officers in the region have grown big tummies because of fleecing innocent citizens who should be left to carry on with their small businesses unmolested,” he said, and promised to petition police commissioner Mathew Iteere over the conduct of his officers.

Eugene Wamalwa - MP for Saboti

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6 Responses to "Eugene Sheds Tears Over State of Teso Hospita"

  1. Wambui says:

    I hope after that Mr Wamalwa met up with his constituency CDF and the Medical Health Officer and are putting into place a rapid response to the situation. Then the tears will have been worth it.

  2. SMS Reseller says:

    so lame Eugine. so lame! I mean why cry over something like that. Instead do something.flash out a cheque and correct the situation.your tears wont solve anything.as a matter of fact they are the usual crocodile tears we r used to from opportunists like u mr. politician.we know what you are up to…..

  3. karakacha says:

    it is because of poor leadership and lack of leaders and full of corrupt rulers who claim to be leaders in the region. so Eugenes shed of tears is not the solution but change in leadership that will bring change to Teso.


    Jesus himself did shed tears over lazarus death but he left there when the problem was 100% solved and for your case acha to!! style up mweshimiwa .

  5. Mavole says:

    All other stories are important and creucial especially when we need quality healthcare., MDGs must be achieved without compromise of anything or anyone. Only problem… Eti UG watu wanalewa bila kuulizwa? This is so shameful…. Don’t drag us behind plse. Changaa na busaa ziishe kabisa! You can’t compare us with failures plz be smart at all aspects!

  6. The Tesos are no diffent from us. They can be made to vote 4 the luhyas too,and the other way round

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