Why DO men lose weight faster than women?

I have come up with a list of some of my top weight loss tips that I share with my clients that have similar goals! These are some things you might know already and/or might not. Regardless, they might be the differentiating factor to help you reach your goal!

These are not in order of importance because that is relative to what you are currently doing. If you are doing all these things and still having issues please contact me directly so we can discuss!

1.) Nutrient/food timing

There are some foods that you should eat at certain times based on your goal. Specifically for weight loss, I will share with you when you should eat certain macronutrients; this is, if you are eating them. I am not telling you what to eat, just sharing data:
Simple sugars/high processed starches: minimize intake (ex: candy, soda)
Starchy carbs (ex: sweet potatoes, squash): eat soon 1-2 hrs post exercise
Fruits and veggies: with each meal with emphasis on veggies
Saturated/mono/polyunsaturated fats: no specific timing (limit post workout as it might slow absorption of protein to recover from muscular activity)- don’t eat trans fat, we should know this : )
Lean Proteins: with each meal

2.) Energy value of food (briefly)

The food we take in converted to energy (Kcal or calories), we all know this. But do you know what the percentage of each major metabolic component to total daily energy expenditure is? In other words, what is that energy used for?
15-30% is devoted towards physical activity depending on how active you are. That isn’t that much!
10% is devoted towards just metabolizing and eating food! Protein has the highest thermic effect out of all macronutrients. This is a small amount as well!
60-75% is devoted towards your basal metabolic rate (BMR), in other words, just keeping you alive (non movement related physiological activity). That’s a lot!
Think about this in pespective. If you exercise, your BMR goes up (speed up your metabolism) or top of the 15-30% energy expenditure. But if you exercise (15-30% energy expenditure) and eat poorly, it doesn’t really matter. The majority of the energy is used to keep you working. Eat well and exercise. You can’t out train a poor diet!!!

3.) Food intolerance’s

The Top 3 food intolerance’s among people are the following and they might have no idea:
1.) dairy intolerance
2.) yeast sensitivity
3.) gluten sensitivity
It’s estimated that 3/4 people have some form of food intolerance whether mild or severe. Try eliminating one of these at a time for several weeks and see how you feel!
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