Treatment of Cancer Shouldn’t Be So Casual

Source:  Daily Nation

A few months ago, the country was thrown into a crisis due to the collapse of cancer treatment machines at the Kenyatta National Hospital.


The government moved to assure the public that it was not only doing a quick fix, but putting up a long-lasting remedy.


But new reports this week indicate that the radiotherapy machine at the hospital has collapsed and patients are being turned away.


Ordinarily, it takes months for a patient to get a booking for the therapy but when the machine fails, the queue gets inordinately longer and with that, the agony and spectre of death.


Although other major private hospitals offer the radiotherapy service, the costs are astronomical and out of reach of ordinary citizens. Few can afford to travel abroad for the treatment even to destination like India where the costs are said to be relatively lower.


This is the reason why Kenyatta Hospital remains the destination of choice, and therefore the reason why the government must do the best it can to give it the right equipment.


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