THE WAG: Malaria and pneumonia are more pressing concerns than cancer

Source: Daily Nation


The panic over what is in our sukuma wiki and the increasing rate of this disease are often wrong and misleading — it is not caused by increased pesticide use

Another entry into the folder marked, “We are all going to die.” Our food is tainted by pesticides and heavy metals. Yet another study has told us that. Kenya’s food supply is mainly met by smallholders who are lax on standards, which has injected our sukuma wiki with lead.

The immediate reaction to this news is to link this increase in tainted food to the much lamented “increase” in the national cancer rate. Enjoy your lunch but remember your mama mboga is slowly giving you tumours.

Last year it was also revealed that the rate of cancer in the country was outpacing population growth and will double in 11 years.

I say that the panic over what is in our sukuma and the increasing rate of cancer are often wrong and misleading.


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