Why typhoid bites 100 years after its vaccine introduction

Source: The Standard

The year 1903, April 14 became a significant moment in the world history and it also enriched the history of the world health inventions.

Nipped from the humble streets of New York, Harry Plotz, a young American bacteriologist penned his name on the history books by coming up with the first vaccine against typhoid fever. Harry is believed to have started working on the invention of the vaccine in 1903 all the way to 1914, where he realised his dream just at 22 years.

It was a milestone that was going to put a halt to the human suffering and mortalities that would arise from this disease.

But the invention of the vaccine was not going to inspire the end of typhoid fever. With a century having elapsed from the time, typhoid fever has remained to be one of the least dreaded but underrated diseases in Kenya and beyond.

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